Session 1

The Breath Of Life……

When you can get a fuller breath into your lungs, you are able to experience many more benefits of daily living. Deeper breath means more oxygen to the entire body. More oxygen means more energy. More energy means reduced stress. Reduced stress means reduced fatigue and overall better sleep. Better sleep means waking up feeling refreshed and revitalized. It’s a continuous circle.

This session alone has enlightened/awakened several people to the profound benefits of what Structural Integration can offer you:

* A “desk worker” reported that they don’t get headaches anymore or nearly as often, nor does their upper back and shoulders hurt as much at the end of the day.

* A patient with Emphysema reported being able to go farther on a walk then they have in a very long time without getting so winded.

* A respiratory therapist reported not having to use an inhaler any more following this session.

* A Tri-athlete reported being able to breathe much deeper and easier following this session on their run.

* And many others can’t really articulate exactly what the difference is that they feel following this session, they just know that they like what they feel and they want to continue with the series.

So many benefits can be gained from this session alone.  Please don’t hesitate to call for your free consultation or ask any questions you may have pertaining to Structural Integration.

MAKE IT a Great Day!