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Working with Katy has been an amazing experience. She is a gifted and knowledgeable healer. I have been a competitive athlete my entire life and live a very active life style playing tennis, kick, and dancing multiple times a week. With all the activity I have developed numerous trouble areas and muscular imbalance form old and new injuries. I have worked with Katy through her 10 series with outstanding results. I am noticing increased performance, decreased pain, faster recovery times and an overall balance and symmetry when I am doing my activities. As a Chiropractor I have a thorough understand of the Musculoskeletal System and my work with Katy has helped me to achieve symmetry balance and improved performance. Thank you for your work Katy it has made such a difference.  Video Testimonial Here

Angel Ochoa-Rea, San Diego CA

Katy was absolutely amazing! She knows her stuff. She was compassionate, caring and very friendly. She’s a breath of fresh air!

Jae L. Hansen, San Diego CA

As a fellow Structural Integrator, it is a pleasure knowing that I can have Miss Katy work on me in a pleasant and effective manner. Much respect and appreciation.

Tanya De, Centralia WA


Katy is fabulous. I highly recommend Structural Integration for anyone concerned about their well-being. Thanks Katy for making me feel great!

Kelly Kennaly, Lewiston WA


Katy’s “magic” little circus ball relieved my foot pain. I still use it every night. My energy level always surged for weeks after a session with her.

Helen Paulson, Spokane WA


Structural Integration by Katy is excellent. She is very professional and is excellent at her job. Katy blends a wonderful passion for anatomy with an intuitive sense of how to work with the body’s structures. Treatment by Katy is amazing. Get ready for some great results!

Robert Paull, Spokane WA



Katy Charlson is above and beyond the ‘standard’ structural integration practitioner.
She balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements into my therapy to promote better posture, ease of walking/sitting, and elimination of my chronic pain.

With her help, I was able to realize and release emotional pain that was stored in my muscles and contributing to my physical pain issues.Katy’s skills, encouragement, and caring have given me the tools to actively manage and sustain my body posture, sitting, and walking ability that were so limited previously by constant pain. And, I am sleeping so much better now!It is clearly evident that Katy is dedicated and capable of helping people achieve a better state of physical health and emotional well being.

I highly recommend Katy Charlson to anyone seeking pain relief, clarity of their physical/structural health condition, and direction in their lives through structural integration therapy.

Kim West, Spokane WA

For the past 10 years I had worked with a variety of medical professionals to get lasting relief from my leg, hip and back pain. I have been running and swimming for 25 years and was beginning to give up. After completing my sessions with Katy, not only am I able to return to my running and swimming training pain free, I am enjoying lasting results! I highly recommend seeing Katy for anyone who has struggled with getting lasting results for their sports injuries.


I had the opportunity to receive the Structural Integration Series from Katy this year and have had great results. When I arrived in her clinic, I had postural dysfunction as well as significant soft tissue tightness. Over the course of the ten sessions, my body changed significantly and I have less pain. Correct posture is easier to assume and I move more freely. I am very impressed with the technique and even more impressed by the GREAT care that I received from Katy.”

Bob, Physical Therapist

My name is Rebecca Curry, and I am 62 years old. I work out at a gym 5-6 days a week. I take some of their classes (cycling, seniors’ class –aerobics, work on my core, stretching, Zumba). I like to bicycle, walk, snow ski, and golf too.

Awhile back, I have a friend who is a massage therapist recommend that I go and see Katy Charlson for a Therapeutic massage, which I am grateful that I did. I signed up for her ten-week session.

Before I did the ten-week sessions, I had her do a couple massages just on my feet. I was amazed at the difference it made.

I can see a lot of changes throughout my body. I’ve had a number of massages over the years, but I had never noticed changes like I have with the Structural Integration.

When I go to my workout classes at the gym, I find myself much more flexible throughout my body. My breathing is better. When I’m in my seniors; class, I feel that I have better balance and agility.

When I used to work out, I didn’t feel that I was getting rid of the toxins. I never would sweat – I just perspired. Now when I have a good workout, the toxins pore out of me.

I’ve even noticed that I show my emotions more. My tears flow more frequently.

I would highly recommend this type of massage that Katy does. She does a great job.

Rebecca Curry

As a senior, a variety of aches and pains had become a routine part of my day. Over the years I had grown to accept this as yet another reminder that the “Golden Years” were not all gold.

While being treated at Back In Motion for an accident related problem, Katy suggested that my acceptance thinking was flawed. Daily aches and pains are not a requirement of aging.

Although with some reservation, I decided to try the Structural Integration 10 Series. Even before midway thru the series I knew something was working. Subtle changes at first but by midway I was once again sleeping comfortably on my left side. IN addition, my walking posture and stride needed and received specific attention. Years of bad habits were identified, addressed, and corrected.

I found the SI 10 Series a mix of traditional and new techniques that were tailored to my individual requirements. The sessions are intense and require a commitment. The SI 10 Series is more than a massage, it is an experience.

Very Satisfied,


My back/neck pain began around the middle of August, 2007. That spring of 2008, I was able to golf 9 holes and that would be all my right arm could handle.

In December of 2008 and January 2009 I tried physical therapy and acupuncture, with only temporary relief. So, I went to a chiropractor to no avail. I tried massage and that helped temporarily also. These professionals certainly wanted to help me, but my pain was only increasing. The pain went around my right shoulder blade to my arm pit and down the right side of my spine to about mid-back, as well as radiating down my right arm. Also, I had fairly constant headaches. I had gone to a neurosurgeon and tried three sets of cortisone shots, but there was no change whatsoever. He didn’t know what the problem was because the shots should have had some effect. The doctor said that surgery had a 50/50 chance of helping relieve the pain.

Last July 2009, I went up to a massage practitioner in Chewelah. She recommended my going to Katy Charlson at “Back In Motion’ for Structural Integration. I was to the point where my life was losing meaning because the pain was so constant. By the second week of teaching (4th grade) I was up to 4 hydrocodones (10mg each) a day! If I skipped a pill the pain was nearly unbearable and I would just start crying. In fact I probably cried at least twice a day at work and then again at home. The pain had done a number on my emotional state. I was to the point where I was thinking I could survive with the pain for a few more years, maybe until Sammy, my 17 year old son, was a sophomore in College. But I knew if the pain stayed at the level I was experiencing that I would have to so something. Surgery? I don’t know but the pain was debilitating. Well it took me 2 months but I finally called and began my sessions at the end of September.

So, finally I went to “Back In Motion”. The relief after the first session was pretty remarkable. Nearly unbelievable to me, even now, is how I felt after session 2. Three days after that second session I felt like a new person! Now with my last session upcoming I feel good. I plan on golfing next spring and going kayaking. I still have aknow but it doesn’t compare to the way my body felt in August and September. I will keep doing the exercises that Katy has told me to do and I only expect to keep getting better.

I had my son, Sam start going to Katy for the Structural Integration too. He is a big man; 6’8” and 280 pounds. He has lived with body aches from about 5th grade on. Sam is amazed at how Katy is helping his posture, breathing and joints.

Katy has given me back my life. I am forever grateful to her and thank God that He is using her to help give people their life back.

Nancy, Teacher

My whole body feels better, looser, not so tight. I used to come in every week for regular massage, but now after the Structural Integration Series and the stretches and exercises I was taught really help. Now I only come back for a ‘tune up’ when I really overdo things.”

“Before my Structural Integration Series, doing my own laundry, changing the bed, cleaning, and working in the garden was very difficult for me to do. Now I can do all those and get down on my hands and knees pain free. When I’m done in the garden I can get up pain free….which is nice.”

“My breathing has really improved. I feel great! I have more energy now. Before Structural Integration I would have to take a nap just to get thru the day sometimes. I don’t even think about taking a nap now. I got things to do and now they are easier to do”

“My daughter wants me to get someone to clean my house but I refuse to do it, I can still clean the shower without pain.”

“When I do my daily stretches that Katy gave me it’s like my body snaps back into position…I loosen up, I limber up.”

“I’d heard horror stories about going thru the series and was very apprehensive to do it. But when I did and felt any discomfort, she (Katy) stopped. I was told that is was really painful and I was going to go thru agony and I DID NOT! It was scary starting it, but I am very glad I did.”

“I walk out of treatments with Katy feeling great, like my joints are fixed and I can move about my day. I feel good like my body is back where it should be. An overall sense of well being.”

“Katy knows the human body and can explain it to a novice. I have learned an awful lot about the way my body works, the way my muscles work and what’s in my body and how it should work. Katy enjoys her work….she LOVES her work and it shows.”

“I would recommend this to anyone with back, joint or chronic pain issues.”

Testimonial from an interview with Jackie, 75 years old

I’ve been seeing Katy for over 4 years now. I originally started seeing her for stiffness and pain in my hip/lower back from carrying my young son around on my hip and later I started seeing her very regularly for relief from the pain I was experiencing from Trigeminal Neuralgia. I find that seeing her regularly helps to keep that pain at bay and allows me to function in my day to day life as a busy manager, mom, & wife without taking prescription pain medication. In my life I’ve had the opportunity to see a variety of massage therapist, and chiropractors. Some of the other therapist’s I’ve seen have been able to provide me some level of relief from the pain and stiffness I experience but my relief was never as complete or comprehensive as it is after I’ve seen Katy. Katy is one of those individuals who is clearly doing what she was called to do. She is a very gifted massage therapist and often seems to intuitively know exactly where the source of my pain or stiffness is. Katy’s methods are different from other therapists I’ve seen and she seems to be very comfortable trying new variations of what she does to identify what works for her clients. In addition to using regular massage therapy she also uses acupressure, and Structural Integration to provide her clients relief. My sessions with Katy provide me more than just relaxation from a busy life, they provide me genuine relief and allow me to live my best life without using prescription pain medication that have very negative side effects for me. Katy is very detailed in the work she does on individual muscles and is not satisfied with the session unless her client is experiencing relief from their pain. I’ve worked with a variety of individuals in the health and medical field to find relief from my pain and Katy is probably the most sympathetic to my pain and her treatment has proven to be very effective for me. I never hesitate to recommend Katy to my friends and family as she is an incredibly talented massage therapist.”

Crystal, Business Manager